Pinot Noir

Nel rispetto della tradizione il nostro vino
viene prodotto in modo naturale in tini di rovere
senza aggiunta di lieviti ed enzimi
e senza interventi di concentrazione.

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We have the luck to live and work in a house that’s both a home and a winery, overlooking the town of Rovereto from the area called Bosco della Città. We’re surrounded by five acres of vineyard dedicated to Pinot Nero, with another five acres of high forest

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Pinot noir

The grapes are carefully selected in the vineyards, and harvested in 10 kilos crates. They are destemmed, they are not crushed, and then they are conveyed into oak vats. Here, spontaneous alcoholic fermentation take place.

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Here you can buy Pinot Nero Dalzocchio.

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About us

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